"Today, I am persistent in bringing cancer awareness & patient empowerment to all communities; and to help cancer patients & families in any way that I can" - Erinn Monture (2017).


Our mission is to provide cancer awareness, resources and support to all Indigenous communities throughout Canada; we will create a safe environment to guide, support, and care for our fellow First Nations community members on their wellness journey.


We envision working in collaboration with mainstream healthcare systems for a clearer understanding of cultural awarenss pertaining to cancer for First Nations, Inuit and Metis cultures within Canada. This vision includes a wholistic system that inspires people to achieve wellness throughout their cancer journey; whether that be patients, families, or caregivers. 


Our core values are reflected in our relationships with each other, with our clients and with our First Nations communities. Together, we will preserve the unique identity of Canada's First Nations communities through our commitment to our values.

1. Decolonization: We believe that the re-education about Indigenous history, including policy, health, medicine and wellness at all system levels is critical to moving forward in Indigenous health care and wellbeing.

2. Relationship Building: Building respectful relationships through collaboration to make a difference pertaining to cancer at the community level and to be responsible to the community.

3. Cultural Competency and Safety: Building respectful relationships through education and understanding by building a service model to meet the unique cultural, social and linguistic needs of the cancer patient, families and caregivers.

4. Wellness Pathway: To support, recognize and provide access to traditional medicines, which are more than herbs, but also about getting on the wellness pathway - lifestyle, spirituality and healthy foods; as part of the community cancer prevention/awareness program.

5. Respect for the Individual: We believe in diversity and respect individual differences.