"Erinn's commitment as a volunteer with the organization has not only raised the profile of the disease in countless ways, but has guided my understanding of obstacles facing First Nations people within the cancer care system"
- Cailey Crawford, Ovarian Cancer Canada (2016).

In December 2015, she was diagnosed with Stage 3C (4) Ovarian Cancer after fighting doctors for nine months to listen to her and her symptoms. Since being diagnosed, recovering from invasive surgery and having chemotherapy, she has ecome a huge advocate for cancers of all types that affect those living within the Indigenous Territories. 

Recently diagnosed cancer patients, First Nations community members, First Nations professionals and mainstream professionals now seek out her advice and guidance on how to deal with this issue. She has become a strong advocate for the concept of cancer competency and awareness within our Indigenous culture- and she thoroughly enjoys it. There are more and more people within the Indigenous communities in Canada being diagnosed with cancer on a weekly basis. Many do not know where to turn for help and Erinn enjoys being able to direct them to the resources available to them within their local area. 

Erinn Monture

To Erinn, cancer has given her a "voice" to share with others and a "need" to help others in every way she can.

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