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About Erinn Monture

 Strong-willed and determined; Erinn has gone through many experiences with her cancer. From having to fight doctors for nine months before getting a clear diagnosis to keeping all her spirit whilst going through surgery and chemotherapy, Erinn never once gave up. She continues to advocate for cancer patients in many places in both Canada and the U.S.  Erinn is on eight different committees, including Six Nations Palliative Care (2017), three different committees for the Juravinski Cancer Centre (2016-17), Miles To Go Support Group (2016-17), and many more within and surrounding her community.  She has also spoken at and participated in many cancer awareness events from 2015 to present. Some of these events include Ovarian Cancer Awareness from 2015-17 and Six Nations Palliative Care in 2016-17.

Erinn has done numerous collaborations with people and businesses, both locally and nationally; coming together to help others. Chemotherapy Bags®  is an ongoing collaboration developed by Erinn to help ease the expenses associated with cancer. These bags contain items that help others in their journey both emotionally and financially. The Look Good Feel Betterâ„¢ program was also another collaborative initiative of Erinn's that she brought to Six Nations to help 17 women feel better about themselves.

In addition to these accomplishments, Erinn published a book in collaboration with Six Nations Health Services called "The Haudenosaunee Guide To Your Cancer Journey". The book contains referrals, references, and resources provided by Six Nations Health Services to the community members of Six Nations. It also includes tips, guidance, and questions to ask during your time with doctors, as well as how to talk to friends and family about your journey. The latest version of this book, known as "An Indigenous Guide to Your Cancer Journey", is customizable to each regional request; seeking to utilize and incorporate the respective resources for the desired community. 

 In 2016, after just starting intense chemotherapy treatment, her journey took her on an unexpected turn when she met with designer David Dixon and walked the runway in a  Toronto Fashion Week event that spread awareness about Ovarian Cancer. The event turned out amazing and was a great new experience for Erinn to get her voice out to the world.

 Consistently advocating for First Nations cancer issues, Erinn is far from done her mission to help give a voice to First Nations people and their struggle with cancer. Speaking at events, participating in runs and spreading awareness are only mere steps on the way to a larger platform on First Nations cancer awareness for Erinn. She is always there to listen to the concerns of others and fight for what is right. With so much that she has already accomplished and so much more to do and say, the fight for rights for First Nations and for those affected by cancer is far from over.r..

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About Edwadadrihwanokwa:k

Edwadadrihwanokwa:k is a Not-For-Profit organization founded by Erinn Monture from Six Nations of the Grand River Territory.

While Erinn endured her cancer journey, she was always thinking of ways to make it easier for other Indigenous people who were getting diagnosed after her. Throughout her treatment, Erinn became an advocate for cancer awareness and patient empowerment.

Edwadadrihwanokwa:k and Erinn Monture are both dedicated to raising Indigenous cancer awareness. We assist cancer patients and their families with support and the necessary resources for everyone's cancer journey.

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